TRINITY FORCE - P1812 .308 Keymod Rail 12

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P1812 Series Rifle Length 12" Series Free Float .308 Vapor X Keymod Rail/Fits Aero Precision High

The P1812 308 Vapor X rail system was designed to maximize ergonomics and comfort. The asymmetric profile along the rail axis offers the best possible heat dissipation while still maximizing weight savings. Unlike many other ultralight rail systems on the market, the oversize cutouts and KeyMod placement allows for an ultra light weight AR 308 system, which turns the weapon platform into a much more manageable package. With a solid lower half and heat-dissipating CNC cutouts on the top, you can rest assured the 308 Vapor X rail can handle anything you throw at it.

Note: This rail has been designed for compatibility with the Aero Precision 308 upper and does not mount flush with DPMS pattern low profile upper receivers.

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